Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Today is "Next"!

Several years ago, I heard a comedian saying that he thought that "next" is the best place to be. I didn't get what he said until he explained. It went something like this: being next in line is the next place to be, because the potential for anything you want to happen, can still happen. Once you get to be "it", then the reality overtakes the situation and your hopes and dreams can be dashed. For example, being next in line at the still have every teller as a potential helper for you, you still have the potential of being the 1,000,000th customer and being given money, you can still have the potential of having more money in your account than you thought. Get it? Then when you become "it", the selection of your teller has been made, you find out you aren't the 1,000,000th customer, or you are and they don't give you anything, and you discover that you have exactly what you thought was in your account! sigh...

So after pondering that, I must say that I agree with the comedian!

Today, Christmas Eve, is "next"! The potential is still there for anything to be under the tree! Anything can happen tomorrow! Not that tomorrow isn't wonderful, but with tomorrow comes reality. The pony isn't there, the bb gun didn't appear...But can all still happen! I have been thinking for many years now, that Christmas Eve is my favorite day of the year.

Then I thought yesterday that I should change my thinking. As I understand it, there is nothing left to happen biblically for Jesus to return. So that makes today, next! The potential is there for Him to come tomorrow! I could be living in Heaven tomorrow for eternity! He could come back and wipe every tear and I could remain in a state of eternal worship! So, I am switching my thoughts...turning over a new leaf...making a 180. Today is "next" in an earthly sense, but everyday is "next" as a believer! And I am a believer! How about you?

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Amber said...

I love this post! Hope you have a merry Christmas! We are thinking of you and your family!