Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bullying or Disciplining?

We frequently have discussions in our house about bullies. There are times when our children exhibit bully-like behavior, always to siblings, mind you, not to outsiders....go figure....So with that in mind:

Rawley was acting inappropriately and needed disciplining...a spanking to tell you the truth. Bailey had to administer this since I was busy elsewhere. She sent him to his room and he was really crying. When I was able to complete my task, I called Rawley into my room to talk to him about what was wrong. He said, "Bailey spanked me." I said, "Did you do anything to need a spanking?" He said, "No! Can you talk to Bailey, she was being a bully to me!"

Remember that Rawley is only two!

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Jennifer said...

That is so cute. It reminds me of when I get on to Hannah. I will make her apologize for what she has done wrong. Most of the times she will say sorry. But sometimes she thinks she hasn't done anything wrong. Those times are the hardest to explain to her too! Kids are so wonderful, sometimes you just have to laugh out loud!