Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hey! That was the Gospel!

We are in the kitchen yesterday making our creations for Christmas and just being together as mom and kids. I am working at one counter and Two Boys are at the island, sneaking some cookies. Here is the conversation:

Little Guy: Hey, Rainey! I am not going to call anyone "stupid" today.
Big Bro: That's good. You really want to make sure you don't call God that because it will make Him sad.
Little Guy: You mean if I call God "stupid", then I can't go to live in Heaven?
Big Bro: No. To live in Heaven you only have to believe that Jesus was born, died, and rose on the third day in the tomb. You don't HAVE to be nice or anything.

Did I just hear what I thought I heard? My Big Guy just shared the Gospel with Little Guy! How thrilling is that for a mom to hear? Of course, though Big Guy was right about being nice not being part of the Gospel, it certainly is one way that we live out our faith, so I will continue to teach Two Boys that part as well. It's cool...and sad...that Two Boys understand the very essence of the Gospel message and there are "grown ups", "knowledgeable" people who never seem to be able to grasp the simplicity of Jesus' message.

At this point, I am more concerned with my own area of ministry..my children.,.and am thrilled that they get it!


Kristen & David said...

That's awesome! How thrilling to a mommy's heart to hear that!!

Nathan, Shelly & Kaleigh said...

That is so wonderful! I can't wait! So funny the way he explained it. The ornaments are really pretty that you made, and it looks like fun. I saw that you are trying to save money on groceries. Have you ever looked into grocery game? It costs a little bit, but it can save a lot if you don't have time to do all the "research" yourself. They have a $1 trial for several weeks too.

Jill said...

Seriously I think I would have teared up on that one. So sweet!!!