Friday, December 19, 2008

Still Counting...6!

What a difference a day makes! Today was pretty calm and boring compared to yesterday. Boring was nice.

Ben and I are beginning to wrap presents tonight! We have to do this over several days as it gets completely overwhelming to do it all in one setting. We have done that in the past and, let me tell ya, at our age it is really difficult to sit on the floor for a long time since the circulation goes away rather quickly...but trying to get up is no picnic either! Back problems, again with the circulation problems, joints ache! Did you know that when the feeling goes away from your feet, the ankles, and then the lower and upper legs, you don't stand up well? You pretty much fall back into a heap as though you were Rawley's "ent"! His "ent" is his elephant that has stuffing only in the far reaches of his four extremities and I do mean only the far reaches!

That should be all for the Chronicles of the Aged and Infirmed, for now. But we also made up two batches of snickerdoodles! I love that name for a cookie...snickerdoodle. Trying to use it in a sentence with a straight face is almost impossible. If any of you are Gilmore Girls fans, and I know I am..., you can add the word "snickerdoodle" to the list of funny sayings like "oy with the poodles already!"
(Bailey I hope you are reading this and are so proud of your old ma!)

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