Thursday, July 9, 2009

Almost One Year!

It's been nearly one year (Aug. 11) since Darby was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. It's been an interesting year to say the least! Within six weeks of being diagnosed, Darby was placed on an insulin pump. What a godsend that is! That has helped us tremendously and I can't even remember what the few weeks of insulin shots were like, but I don't want to either. Today, Darby was given yet another technological piece of her diabetic puzzle...a continuous monitoring system.

Medtronic actually sent out a trainer to our house to help us with this new gadget.
Of course, it comes with a new type of inserter. (the nice word for the instrument of torture that forces the device into your body!)
It was difficult for Carol, the trainer, to find any fat places on Darby! Why, oh why, did that particular gene come from Ben? Really? I couldn't have that one to give?
We finally found the tiniest place that had the teensiest bit of fat to place the sensor.

And there it is! A tiny jellyfish-body shaped thing that attaches to her body and sends out a signal to her pump with a wide range of information! Very cool! God is so good in providing this for her. The interesting thing is that as cool as this is now...we know that 5 years from now, we will be laughing at this outmoded technology! And, praise God, there will be even more cool inventions to better treat, manage, and care for this disease and the sweet body it is in!


Kristen and David said...

I hope this new monitor works well for her! You'll have to keep us updated. I'm interested to see what she thinks. I'm so glad she's done so well this since her diagnosis. I can't imagine how hard it is to have to deal with something like DM on a daily basis when all you want to do is have fun and be a kid. She's a trooper!! Keep up the good work!

Melissa Williams said...

I'm so proud of you and Darby both for sticking through with this. Those pumps are amazing and so is that new piece of equipment! I can't wait to hear how she's doing! About the fat thing...I wish we ALL could have that gene! Miss you guys!

Nitzia said...

i can't believe it has been a year since this happened. Darby it's so strong and mature to be dealing with this. I hope the new monitor works wonders for her!