Friday, July 24, 2009

Cool Acts

Here we are at CSU in Ft. Collins Colorado and it's great! The weather is perfect (high today was about 85! and right now at 11:30pm it's 72)! The town is absolutely stunning! We are hearing amazing in particular...Tim Keller. But one of the amazing things about being at CSU is that during the time we are here, the conference team gets great acts to come perform for us.

We just got back from hearing Tim Hawkins live! Just as funny, maybe funnier, as on his dvds. Actually cried from laughing so hard!

Tomorrow night Tenth Avenue North is having a concert.

Monday we get to see part 2 of The Rock and The's called The Witnesses! I can't wait for that one!

And Tuesday night LaCrae is performing...will probably miss that one.

We certainly get to feel edified when leaving here.

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