Friday, July 17, 2009

Endings...oh yeah! and Beginnings

Several things are ending today...and most of them are good to end...there is at least one sad one along the way.

* Bailey's working
*my time to get some of the things done before the trip (things that require a gov't office)
*my time with my good friend!

I normally would say that I don't like endings, but as I look at this list...that is not necessarily true...I don't like many endings, but there are many I do like...

I love the start of vbs, but I also love the end of vbs!
I love that Bailey has several jobs and how industrious she is, but I love that her jobs are ending today freeing her up for other things!
I love time with my friend, but I am not going to love saying goodbye today and not seeing her again until Thanksgiving! That is dreadfully sad to me.

The great thing is that every ending means a new beginning of something!

Ending vbs means the beginning of some free time.
Ending work for Bailey means free time and her priorities get to change.
Ending the time of some of the things I need to do for our trip means that I can then focus on other things and the trip is near!
Ending my time with my friend means more time with new friends (and missing her desperately).

The Bible says there is a time for everything! So I will trust God with these endings and then trust him again with the beginnings!

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