Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Don't Have to Hide the Crazy

So I have done a lot of posts in the last few months about friendship....and today will not be an exception. We are out in Colorado with our Campus Crusade staff conference. When we are here, we get to see many friends and reconnect!

Today we had the privilege of eating lunch with our favorite friends who live in Little Rock; so you can imagine how little we get to see them!

Great friends are ones who know your neurosis and not only stick around and tolerate them, but actually indulge them! Or as Ben says, "You don't have to hide the crazy."

Case in point: one of my many idicyncrasies...wet paper...especially the thin kind of paper like napkins! You know the kind that when it gets wets, it actually begins to break apart into little pieces. Completely makes me gag! It's been the cause of a lot of jokes and pranks over the years...and I'm ok with that. But today at the restaurant, a glass of water was spilled and when the waitress came over to see what the problem was, she said "I'll go get napkins to clean it up." And my friend said "No...no paper of any kind. We need an actual towel."

Now...that might not seem like a big deal to me...but it made me smile to hear her stand up for me and not just tolerate my weirdness, but to actually go out of her way to completely accommodate me! Thanks friend! I hope that you have at least one person in your life who knows you and doesn't make you have to "hide the crazy" !

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Melissa Williams said...

That's so sweet Lisa! We all have those kind of friends that go the extra mile. And yes, we all have weird things that drive us nuts too! I do have to say that's the first I've heard of the wet napkin syndrome....my would be the feet syndrome...I HATE feet! Gross!!!