Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Wish it Were a Pain in the Neck

I either badly bruised or cracked my tailbone before we left for Colorado and let me tell you just how painful it is to sit as much as we are sitting here! Ouch! I could say it's 'a pain in the butt', but that would be too I'm not going to say it.

I must say that when we are here, we go to all the movies we don't get a chance to go see at home. Our kids get to see movies, but Ben and I rarely go! So while we have been here, we have seen UP in 3D, Star Trek, Transformers 2, and Harry Potter. (At least chairs in movie theaters are pretty well padded, but they aren't perfect!)

Today we spend all day with the fellow missionaries in our specific ministry: Military Ministry. It will be nice to connect with them in particular and catch up. But the sitting is going to drive me insane. We might find ourselves sneaking out early...who knows?

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Anonymous said...

OH LISA...bless your heart and your tailbone! I cracked mine, well actually the doctor cracked mine when I was in labor with Chris.....that poor kid has caused me problems since BEFORE he was born! LOL LOL LOL

You will find that it will get better and go away and then BAM! It's back. Try sitting "sideways"...what I mean is try NOT to sit flat down on your backside...put a pillow under "one cheek" and that will help. It's not the sitting that's painful, it's the getting up!!!! Bless your heart pal....OH and go ahead and get one of those pillows that has the hole in it-it is a MIRACLE to have!!! I have one in each of my sewing room chairs! Hope you're better very soon....
Debbie Lindley, Melissa Williams' mom from Geyer Springs FBC