Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hurry and Work on Me!

Ever have a day, or week, or in my case...several weeks (maybe months!) where you constantly say that wrong thing? Well...I really hope that you haven't because it is so frustrating and annoying and irritating!

I do seem to be in this cycle of saying the wrong thing, or the right thing in the wrong way, and I am fed up with it! I am trying to figure out what I am saying that is wrong or how I am saying something that is wrong! I am having a difficult time getting to the bottom of this...but I am determined to do it!

This goes right along with one of my big areas of weakness...the tongue...but it's a new twist than has been it's all new to me and I want it to stop. Apparently I am doing this to several people...the ones who I love the very most in it's even more hurtful to them and to me.

Aarrgghh! God knows the struggle I have with my tongue and I know He is working on me right now as well. I hope I learn this lesson soon so that the innocent people I get to drag into this with me can be free also!

Here's hoping you are not dealing with this!

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Cherry said...

Hi Lisa!
You probably don't remember me, but I'm the FL lady who absolutely loved your gingersnaps. I stumbled into your blog today & then am excited to find your gingersnap recipe there. I did not know that your family had moved. I'm one who is thankful for you and Ben and your ministry to me in the past. I admire your family too! Please say hello & thank you to Ben for me. I am very happily married, living in Memphis. Blessings to all of you. You have a great blog. I love blogging too.
Cherry Tolleson Friesen