Friday, September 4, 2009

Bailey Leaves Tomorrow

Tomorrow Bailey leaves for Italy. I have watched her struggle a bit this week with trying to do all the things she wants to do and people she wants to see before she leaves. In a nutshell, I am watching her heart break a tiny piece at a time. I know this. She doesn't know it so much. She just knows that it's hard.

The world is about to open up for her. I know this. She just knows that she will be a long way away without the use of texting. God is working in her and is going to work through her. I know this. She is just confused as to what all is happening.

So, though I will cry at the airport tomorrow, I can't help but smile knowing that her life is beginning! I am proud of her for being a woman of integrity and following through with this even though it is hard for her.

When she comes back on December 15, she will have a different look about her. I know this. She will understand it all then.


Melissa Williams said...

I'm praying for you both!!! Love you!

Jill said...

Oh wow, Lisa. I'll be praying for God's strength to shower over the both of you!

Kristen and David said...

Yay!! What an exciting day. I will be saying special prayers for you guys for safety; strength; remembering important details like tickets, passports, cash, directions ; that she'll be surrounded by wonderful people and friendly strangers; and that she won't overlook a single blessing or opportunity! I'm so excited for you guys! Can't to hear how everything goes!

Nitzia said...

i'm so glad that the day has finally come for her,i know you willmiss her so much but it will a wonderful experience for her! can't wait to hear all about this trip... i hope she gives us updates in her blog. i'll be thinking of her and all of you too!