Saturday, September 19, 2009

Birth of a Soccer Mom!

So today was Rainey's first soccer game. I was willing to go and support him, but to say I was thrilled was quite an overstatement! It was early. It was raining. It was not fun to think about.
But I must say that a few minutes after the game got started, I was hooked! Once the coach put Rainey in, the goals began to happen! He was really tearing it up!
Rainey is #7 and was pretty focused on the ball. He was aggressive without being mean or rude. He just played the game.
That ball you see in the goal....shot in there by Rainey!
There he is right in the middle of the action. He did get that ball away from the crowd!

And proceeded to march it back down the field guessed it...another goal!
All in all, Rainey's team, the Mighty Bears, made 7 goals...Rainey made 5 of them!
I am officially a soccer mom now!


Nitzia said...

that's wonderful that he likes it and even better that he is good at it! i think that when they enjoy it, we, the moms enjoy it too!

Melissa Williams said...

I'm so glad ya'll love soccer. That was the ONLY sport we played growing up...and were majorly involved in the Central Arkansas Soccer Association...I know that's hard to believe being majorly involved! ha! So glad he's doing's a wonderful sport. Can't wait to see many more pics!