Sunday, September 13, 2009

Humiliating to Humility

God continues to work on me in several areas. But the area that He is focusing much of His energy and my time is...humility. So many circumstances are brought about in my life with the purpose of bringing about some inkling of a humble nature from within me.

I am discovering that "humiliating" and "humility" have the same root word. Which means that I end up finding myself in humiliating situations in order to create humility!

I am discovering that I am slow to learn. You'd think that I would only have to be wrong so many times before beginning to become humble. But no....

I am discovering that I have more pride in me than an extremely large group of lions! I could say that all of my sins stem from pride.

So...all this to say that I have just read the probably the best book I have ever read, and it just so happens to be on the topic of humility. It's called "Humility" by CJ Mahaney. Convicting, encouraging, fabulous! I highly recommend it!

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