Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I am Truly Blessed.

I must say that I have been more blessed in my life than just about anyone I can think of! I think back on my life, I look around me at the present, and can only come to one conclusion...God has had a hand in every day, every minute, every thing in my life!

He has made himself known to me so very clearly! He has caused me to feel my sin deeply. I die a little when the Holy Spirit reveals my sin to me! I am grieved, but try to ask forgiveness quickly so that I don't wallow in it and hence, become a vanity of sorts. I am painfully aware of my areas of weakness...those areas that don't make God smile or bring Him glory. I know full well the sackcloth and ashes of David and then the peace that comes with knowing that I have been shown mercy and grace.

This is not to say that I haven't felt pain and sorrow or been an innocent dragged into someone else's sin. I have. I have had people close to me die. I have been rejected. I have lost two babies to miscarriage. I have been with two of my children in the hospital as they come ever closer to death.

But God is there! He has brought me through! He is alive and active! I choose to believe!

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Jill said...

So glad God is alive and active in my life. I, too, am blessed and even more blessed to know you!