Monday, September 7, 2009


God has shown His faithfulness to our family in so many ways lately!

1. He has allowed me to go to Italy in a couple of weeks with my mom to see Bailey!
2. Bailey has gotten to Italy safely and is loving it!
3. Homeschool co-op payment night went off without a hitch!
4. First night of Bible study went remarkably well!
5. I have seen improvement in the kids' attitudes lately!
6. Kally has a new friend!
7. Ben has turned in his application for Dallas Theological Seminary!
8. Rainey had a fabulous birthday party!
9. We have gotten to see friends from Little Rock!
10. We have been given some very generous financial gifts lately!
11. Our family trip almost across country was the best trip ever!
12. I see my kids growing in Christ more each day!
13. I have a great group of women I love!
14. God has allowed me to have a women's ministry again!
15. All of our needs have been met...almost all of our wants also!
16. We have skype so that we can talk to and see Bailey!

We are so blessed!

1 comment:

Amber said...

I'm so glad you can see God working! And a little birdy told me that it's your......HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!!!

Have a great day!