Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vomit + Becoming Jane=One Great Birthday

My little guy threw up in the night and it ended my birthday on the sweetest note ever!

Let me explain:

Frankly, this little guy has been quite a toot lately. Don't know if it's his innate personality (fingers crossed that this isn't the reason!) or if he's the youngest (certainly could be with the amount of spoiling he gets) or if it's because he's three (terrible twos have nothin' on the need-a-thrashing threes in our house). Whatever the reason(s), he has been a challenge and a huge handful for us these last couple of months.

Last night, I hear him up moaning and whimpering out in the hall. I get up to see what the problem is and I find him covered in vomit! EEWWW! But being the diligent mother that I am, I quickly get him cleaned up, bedding changed, and then we go to stay on the couch to monitor him for awhile.

This is when the best part of my day happens. We cuddle up on the couch, covered with towels in case he gets sick again and I put in one of my birthday presents...Becoming Jane. He and I sat there tucked in the corner of our sectional with our legs spread out going opposite directions...his down the short end and mine down the longer end. Our heads were together and we watched and made observations. He noticed when the girls had taken their hair down and wondered why they had done that. He wondered why the boys who boxed in the movie, boxed with their shirts off. He wondered what Jane was looking for at a party.

We sat there for two hours with the light flickering from the tv, sound down pretty low so as not to awaken the rest of the house, and just being still. I loved it! What a great way to end my birthday. What a gift that he won't remember, but I most certainly will!

A gift by the grace of God! Thank you.


Jill said...

What a sweet moment, not planned (obviously), not forced, just a sweet baby & mommy moment. Love those!

Anonymous said...

Carpe diem. They go quickly.

Lisa A.