Thursday, September 17, 2009


I find that God has placed me in a season where I am very busy. I find also that the busy-ness that is my life has also been ordained by God. I have sought none of it out, but have waited on the Lord to direct my paths where He would want me to go.

I like being busy. Oh...there are days when I think I am going to drown, but in general, I like several things going on needing my attention. There are people that can only do one thing, and they do that one thing really well. I am not like that. I am truly a lazy person...a regular 5-toed sloth! God knew that about me and has gotten me involved in several things with many deadlines so that I stay busy doing things for His glory.

Life can be hard. My days can be overfilled. I can get ridiculously tired. But, God is strong when I am weak...Praise God!

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