Monday, September 14, 2009

A Cupcake Cake best friend really listened when I said in passing one day that I'd love to have one of the pans that make a cupcake cake. Sure enough, it arrived in the mail for my birthday.
Today is the birthday of a gal who lives down the street and I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to use the new pan! Barbara, the birthday girl, loves I made a purple batter and cooked up the cupcake cake.

I also made purple frosting.

And then added the sprinkles! And who doesn't like sprinkles? We can't wait until she comes home and sees her cake! Thanks Lisa for a great pan! It's awesome! PS...I think we could charge more than $3 for this cupcake. :)


Cheryl said...

cute! I've seen that cake pan before. love it!

Jill said...


Anonymous said...

This made me laugh! The cake turned out awesome. I want a piece of that cake (even if it does have sprinkles...)

Love ya,

The Stringers said...

Super cute!

Kristen and David said...

Cute! That looks yummy. I'm sure your friend loved it. And I for one am not a person who can ever say no to anything covered in sprinkles!