Friday, December 9, 2011

Beginnings of God Moving

God has called Ben into seminary. He now has completed 36 hours of a 62 hour degree plan. Pretty exciting for him to be over halfway done! We are so proud of him!!!

We tend to live our lives with our hands open....allowing God to have HIS way or taking as HE sees fit. Living this way has been freeing for us. We trust that where we are at the time is exactly where God wants us.

So with that in mind, we are beginning to wonder where God will have us go and what HE will have us do after Ben completes seminary.

There are so many options and we can't wait to hear from God on which option is what HE has for us! It's an exciting time, I think. I can feel God beginning to stir our hearts and there are a couple of ways HE seems to be leading us at this moment. Over the next year and a half, those options could change or one could really solidify in a big way. Either way, seeing God move is hands down, the most exciting thing there is!!!!

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