Saturday, December 3, 2011

Friend of Old

I have been thinking about someone I used to know. We were such good friends. Did most everything together. We made each other laugh. We were there for each other when we cried. She and I shared so many memories with each other.

Several years ago, she became angry with me and wrote me a letter that our friendship was over. I was devastated. There was no talking to her.

So, tonight, I am thinking of her and hoping that she is well, having a great time, and enjoying this Christmas season.

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Mary Grace Biggs said...

Oh, Mrs. DeBusk, I know 100% how you feel... I've been though that very same problem with a great who I shared many years of joy and then she got mad at me and sent me an email that our friendship was over. I've thought too how she is doing and hopping how well she is doing and wishing her a good birthday this month and Christmas.

Mary Grace Biggs