Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hopes and Dreams

Get my private pilot's license. Get my master's degree in Education Administration. Own horses. Work as a translator for the U.N.. Live in Spain forever. Travel. Own my own education supply store.

These are just some of the dreams I had in my younger years. Some of them even into marriage. My kids are always amazed when they find out either things I have done in my life (I am certified in scuba), or things I have wanted to do. I know it's because it's hard to imagine your mom as being unmarried, with dreams and hopes.

I still have some of those same dreams....though I know that in reality most of them won't happen. I have new dreams now too.

Being the best mom ever. Loving my husband like no wife has ever loved her husband. Walking so humbly with my God. Trying something new everyday. Having grandchildren. Baking and cooking new things often.

New dreams don't mean settled-for dreams. They change as the reality of my life changes. Oh! Deep down I still have pieces of my old self from my old life....so some old dreams are still there...but I sure love the sound of my new dreams!

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