Thursday, December 29, 2011

Half Off!

I don't normally do New Year's resolutions. I, like the rest of the world apparently, don't keep them so well. And since I hate to quit things or be completely disappointed in myself over a made up issue.....(there are so many other really important things over which I can be disappointed in myself)....that I have decided not to do them anymore.

That being said, God has been working on me over the last many months about one thing in particular....the amount of stuff we have in our home. I began to be convicted of this several months ago when I was researching a Latin program for one of my children to do in school. The preview lesson that could be observed online made this statement: "in Latin, the word for "stuff" is impedimentum". It struck me....impedimentum...impediment....obstacle. WOW!

When we were in debt (because of our stuff), we always thought that once all of it was paid off, we would own it and it wouldn't own us anymore. In one sense that was true. But in another sense, it is another lie that we let ourselves believe. Once we became debt free and actually did own our stuff, then we began to think about how we would ever replace our stuff if something ever happened to it. There was a small, but crucial, twist in our thinking that wasn't good. Metaphorically we began to wrap our arms around our stuff and keep it close.

So...back to realizing that our stuff is an impediment to our lives and really becoming a big part of making decisions....I am coming to the conclusion that things would be simpler if we parted with much of our stuff. And by "much", I am talking about half! I want to shed half of the things that we own and allow others to enjoy them as much as we have. This will be a process for us, but I am up to the challenge. I am starting with my own things to show myself that I can do it, and to show my family that they will NOT die by following my example. I am trying to not exclude any part of my things...including my platters and kitchen things! (anyone who knows me, knows that I LOVE my kitchen things and platters, bowls, etc...)

Does this mean that we won't buy anything over the next year and add to the stuff?' doesn't. But I am going to try to be more mindful of what is purchased and think if it makes sense to have it or not.

I will keep posting with updates as I work on this. I feel that this will be much like an alcoholic who is determined to quit just after he has taken a drink....and then his determination begins to wane as the alcohol leaves his system.


jamiafwife said...

That's one of the good things about moving so much...I'm pretty good at getting rid of what I don't use then, which turns out to be quite a lot! Good luck with your goal; it's a good one. :o)

bendebusk said...

I'll miss some of our children, but I guess a goal is a goal! :-)

ramiz said...

Great Blog Really I Like this....

Tony and Sue said...

I came across your blog and scrolled down and found this post. It really hit me. We have a LOT of stuff -- piles really -- that need to go away! I plan to watch how you are doing with getting rid of half your stuff!


walkerfamily94 said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed this post! My goal for 2012 is to declutter and organize my home!! This is a huge task for me....I am taking pictures and posting to my blog to document it all! I'll be cheering you on as you work on your goal!!