Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Remembering December 20

14 years ago today, I was pregnant with the beautiful girl you see in the picture. I was two months away from my due date and life was good. That evening, after a Christmas party with people from our church, we drove to San Antonio to celebrate Christmas with my family. Our small family was singing Christmas carols and hymns and having a good time. After singing Silent Night, we got a little silent ourselves and then it happened.

In the pouring rain, we hit a puddle and hydroplaned. Our truck twisted and hit the concrete barrier dividing the highway. The truck rolled three times and we ended up with the passenger's side down, Ben suspended above me, and our daughter, Bailey, in the back behind me.

God quickly provided people to help us in our time of need. I was rushed to the hospital, separated from Ben and Bailey, to see the condition of the baby. The doctor listened to the heartbeat with the doppler and I heard nothing. Silence. Dead. Several minutes later the doctor said all was fine. I wasn't hearing correctly apparently. I heard nothing on the doppler! He then told me that he had turned the volume down in case there wasn't a heartbeat!

I felt very blessed! I soon was joined by Ben and Bailey at the hospital. Though we were all sore and a bit battered, we were fine. That baby has now become a beautiful young woman. She loves the Lord, loves her family, and has a great future ahead of her!


Mary Grace Biggs said...

Darby's birthday is Feb 23 right?

Mary Grace B

Laura said...

A great reminder of God's blessing and protection.