Monday, December 5, 2011


I have been blessed in life to have some really great people around me. Starting with my family growing up. We were a small family....two adults, two children. We were close. I was the youngest and the "funny" one. Good place to be in a family, in my opinion!

I've had some great friends. Friends who have been true blue, stand up, and wonderful. I don't keep up with most of them, but they have made an impression on me nonetheless.

I have amazing friends at the moment. I have one in particular who calls me each and every Monday and we hold each other accountable. The questions we ask each other have really helped me! I smile when I see her!!

I love that God has provided gals who are fun, funny, great to be with, and love Jesus! They love me, care enough to speak truth to me, lift me up. In general, they make my life better!

The greatest person God has given me is my husband, Ben. He is my greatest gift and certainly one that I don't with all the gifts, people or not, that God has given.

I pray that I am a friend to others as they are to me.

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