Wednesday, December 7, 2011


What is happening to marriages? Over the last year, I have probably heard of more marital issues, separations, divorces, etc...than in all my years put together! I am saddened by all of this.

But when I think of it in light of the messages the world sends us, I am not surprised at all. In fact, I begin to be terribly surprised by each marriage I know that sticks it out!

The world tells us: have it your way, you deserve it, you are worth it, happiness is what life is all about, do what makes you happy, if it feels good do it, and on and on and on.

When those are the messages you are listening to, why then would you stay in a marriage when you are feeling sad, lonely, alone, unhappy, and put upon?

Marriage is hard. There are times of great peace, ease, fun, and happiness. Then there are times of difficulty, pain, work, and feeling as though you are in it by yourself. But marriage isn't about us, or our happiness, or our feelings. Marriage makes us better. Marriage softens our edges and rough spots. Marriage makes us give ourselves up for the betterment of someone else. When you decide to push through the hard parts, to make it to the softer parts, you win!

Winning is remarkably satisfying! Be a winner and push through the pain to gain the rewards of your hard work. You'll be eternally pleased....and so will the children who see how you are doing this thing called "marriage". They will have a better foundation under them when it's time for them to begin making decisions about life and love.


Anonymous said...

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Ryan Brown said...

My wife and I have stuck it out for five years so far. Meanwhile I see all my family and friends splitting from there spouses as soon as there is a little bump in the road. I just read a article that the depression has to do with the resent increase in separations. But I like the point you make about what the world is teaching us.