Tuesday, December 13, 2011

God Speaks

Up to this point, God seems to have spoken to me first and then later, sometimes years later, HE speaks to Ben. I don't know why this is, but it has held true for most of our big adventures in life.

Years ago, I felt God tell me, in HIS still small voice, something. When I say "years", I mean like over 15 years ago! Though Ben and I have spoken about this on and off throughout the years to each other, and I have heard him mention the occasional, "Lisa seems to feel that.....", I heard him talk to someone the other day, with my own ears!, and he was speaking about it as though it is more and more in his thoughts!

I always smile when that happens. Not because what I think or seem to understand God to say is so perfect or desirable or even what I want to do. No, I smile because I know that a God that I can't see, touch, or define so well has spoken to both of our hearts....at different times...in different ways.

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Jennifer said...

That is exactly what happened with me and DJ about adoption. I had never told DJ about wanting to adopt and so it really surprised him when I said I was on board without having to think about it.