Thursday, April 9, 2009

Bailey's Birthday Meal

Our tradition here is that on your birthday, you get to plan the meals for the day. You plan...I fix! All the kids love doing that and knowing that whatever they want will be had on that one day of the year, if never again through the year. Bailey normally has really decisive choices for her birthday, but this year, random was the word. But it was what she wanted we go. Breakfast is not a meal that Bailey normally knows even exists, so she had no order for that one. Lunch was with friends. Dinner was the meal I go to prepare for her! She wanted:

pizza rolls,
and chili cheese fries (forgot to take pic of fries),

and bagel bites.

For her "cake", she wants peanut butter ice cream pie each year, so this year I made two! I hope that she had fun with getting all of her favorite things! I had a ball preparing them...and they couldn't be any easier to fix since it was just warming everything up!
Happy Birthday Bailey!

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