Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Want to Live on the Second Level

Our pastor gave a sermon the other day on willingness to serve God. He described two levels to which we must commit if we are fulfill the plan God has for us. The first level was an overarching, more generic willingness. The second is much more specific and the place where most of us fall short.

For example: The first level: I am called to serve God. (This is the level that most of us eventually are willing to do) The second level: I am called to serve God in Africa. (This is the level that most of us rebel against, pretend that we don't hear)

The levels don't have to do specifically with serving God. They could be things like having children. The first level could be: I want (am called) to have children. The second level could be: I need to stay up all night with a crying, unconsolable baby maybe for many nights.

First level: we want to be married.
Second level: we need to respect our husbands at all times unconditionally. (much harder)

Many of us find the first level of committment fairly easy...the second level, not so much.

So I have decided that I don't want to just commit and be excited about the first level. I want to immediately serve in the second level. How about you?


Cheryl said...

That was a great sermon Sunday. Very convicting and challenging in a good way.

Sara and John William's Mom said...

Oh, i like that! it sounds like it was a great sermon, if we all as christians would commit to be in the second level i can not even imagine the awesome things that God can do for us:)