Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Conviction...Nasty Business

Conviction? Hearing something from God that tells you that you are not quite right? Something you need to change? Hate it? I do! Yet I love it also...knowing that I am important enough to God to continue to want me to improve coming closer to being like Jesus. It's painful for me, though.

This morning I was doing my study of Beth Moore's Esther. The whole lesson today was on honor. Not trying to gain it for ourselves, but letting God determine honor, letting others determine honor...struck me straight in the heart, it did! I realized that I am frequently tooting my own horn, trying to get others to see what an amazing person I am, gathering my own honor. How painful to connect with Haman of Esther's story!

How kind of God to show me gently...yet firmly...with the embarrassment of my actions to be viewed only by me in my quiet time! Oh, to be that kind of parent to my children...So I have been given my conviction...what will I do with it? Continue to work on it and give my actions that I would think would deserve honor, over to God...let Him decide what to do with them. Though I know that's easier said than done...I will keep striving. What are you convictions?

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Anonymous said...

Melissa Williams' "MAMA BEAR" says:
Beth Moore's study on Esther will show you LOTS of things! I never realize that God was NEVER mentioned by name but boy was He In the MIDST OF IT ALL!!!! And yes, I do know what you mean about the "honor" thing - this study really brought that into focus for me.

I enjoy your blog so much...keep writing! You never know when your words just might plant a seed or help someone having a bad day!

And yes, I did get Melissa's age wrong....just call it a menopausal moment! LOL She IS 27 and Christopher is 26! LOL LOL
Debbie Lindley, Melissa's mom