Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Being Humbled

I was humbled yesterday.

We have a neighbor who lives with her parents and is mentally handicapped. She comes over frequently, likes to call us, play with our kids, and sit outside with us. She loves to go places with us and always brings over gifts for our kids. She is very sweet and kind.

She also doesn't understand how to "read" things have to be said straight out to her. So if we need to get going, she doesn't see that we are preparing to go and hurrying around and realize that she needs to leave. I finally have to tell her that she needs to go. If I didn't tell her it was time to go, she could be here for hours upon hours. Can be a bit taxing.

Yesterday she called in the morning and asked if I would come over and wait in the living room while she showered (she can't be alone in the house when she showers due to her unsteadiness and her parents were both at work) and then take her to her "day hab"...a day school for mentally challenged adults.

I was a bit put out that I would have to rush around getting showered and then go sit with her, but I felt the need to do it. So I did...I showered then waited in her living room for her to shower and then took her to day hab.

It was there at day hab that I was humbled. The people there were in all states of mentally disorders. Some much more "handicapable" than others who were more comatose. One woman came out to meet the van. She must have been over 60, very sweet, big smile, dressed well. She gave me a big hug and then stood there clapping about the nice van. Very childlike.

I got our neighbor dropped off and settled....looked once more at the people and building...walked out to the van...and proceeded to sob! How gracious God has been to me with my children. Even my "normal" she is compared to the others surrounding her.

I left with a humble heart, a grateful heart, and a broken heart.

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Candice said...

I know exactly how you felt! There are days at work that I stop right outside of a patients room, close my eyes and thank God for my healthy children. It is very humbling every time I think about the gifts that God has given our family!