Thursday, April 2, 2009

God is Calling...I am Answering!

It seems as though God is calling me...Back in Little Rock, I had been active with Sunday school, teaching Bible studies, AWANA, homeschooling activities, ministry opportunities. In short, I was busy.

When we moved here, my slate was clean, my calendar empty, my days free and easy. Yesterday I looked at what is in store for fall, and I am busy again, but I have been very careful to really pray, seek, listen to God as I add things to my calendar. It certainly seems as though this is where He wants me right now. Most of me is thrilled (I loved being busy!). A little of me is sad that there are fewer empty boxes on my calendar. (I was learning to enjoy the space) Every fiber of my being is excited because all but one of my activities are done side-by-side with Ben! (Even the homeschooling things!)

But most of all, I am thrilled to be used by God and to be confident that He is calling me and I am not seeking out opportunities on my own...opportunities where I could be prideful (argh! I am desperately trying to stop that!), opportunities where it's all about me. I want every activity that I do to be about God, pointing others (and myself) back to Him.

So...God is calling me, and I have decided to be like the disciples and drop what I am doing and immediately follow. How is God calling you?

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