Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Mama Bears Unite part 2

Kally came in crying yesterday after another altercation with the neighbor lady down the street. This was it! It was time to go talk to her. I went and confronted her about her telling my kid and hers (and others on the street, but didn't bring them into it) that I don't homeschool...Asked her what the deal was with saying that Kally couldn't play with them anymore...Asked her several things...all of which she weasled out of trying to tell me she didn't say them...

I was down there for a while trying to get to the bottom of all of this. It was interesting and frustrating and sad. Sad that a fellow homeschooler, who apparently also goes against the flow a bit, couldn't give another homeschooler grace for going against her flow! Frustrating that she tried to tell me that she never said any of those things, when even her own daughter came and said, "My mom says that..." Interesting to confront a MOM about things said to my SEVEN year old!

Anyway...the deed is done...I have protected my child from a bully and will do so every time I one of my kids needs me to! So once again...mama bears unite!


Anonymous said...

Lisa...gosh girlfriend - when it comes to someone hurting our kids...NOTHING is fiercer (is that a word? LOL) than a MAMA BEAR! And especially when it is an adult...you did the right thing and your chldren know how fiercely protective you of that - that you are a safehaven for them...that's good.
I guess at this point, just leave it with the Lord and get Him to figure it out! I'm doing the Study of David at church on Tuesdays and it is amazing how David really let God handle Saul and his BAD ATTITUDE towards him! You be David and give it to the Lord!!!!! Proud of you - one Mama Bear to another Mama Bear!
Debbie Lindley, Melissa Williams old MAMA BEAR even if she IS 28!!!!

Melissa Williams said...

LOL...well Mom, I'm actually 27, but whose counting! Ha! I'm proud of you too Lisa. It's wonderful having someone to stick up for you! Maybe since you confronted her she will not say anymore mean things! Now I'm off to do the math, I really think I'm 27, but now I'm wondering!! HAHA!! Miss you!