Friday, April 3, 2009

My Day

Darby and I spent the day in Austin at the state capital. Darby attended TeenPact which is a day-long seminar that helps students to understand how government works. Though it was a long day, I must say that it was enormously educational! I learned so much myself!

Darby had to do homework ahead of time including writing a bill to be debated in a mock legislative session. She wrote hers on the state of Texas having a Type 1 Diabetes Awareness Week. It was a well-written bill and passed in "committee". There wasn't time for it to come before the "legislative session", but even so, the experience she got from just writing it and then hearing others' bills...incalculable!

The most powerful part to me was breaking up into groups and circling up outside of the House of Representatives and then the Senate and praying for each member! The witness these kids were as tourists and others passed by and these young people were praying! Amazing.

So it's the end of the day, and it's been a good one....spent special one-on-one time with Darby, learned a lot, and then came home to the hub taking all of us out to eat! What could be better than that...except tomorrow being ice cream night! :)

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Melissa Williams said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Isn't it great spending time with just you and Darby?? One on one time is excellent!!! I think I would have learned a lot too! And to end it with going out to eat....simply priceless!