Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Only a few days until Christmas and the anticipation is ever growing. It's growing for all of us, not just the kids. We all love this time of year, but this year seems to be extra special. Can't really pinpoint why, but we feel like God is really moving in our lives recently.

We have been in a several year "wait" mode. God has had us be still and has not been speaking much. We have been serving while we wait, and though we feel as though we have more time in this stage, we do think that HE is moving and beginning to stir our hearts toward new things.

We are in anticipation of what HE is doing! It is always exciting when this happens....and we have learned that we can't predict what is going to happen, just that something WILL happen.

So...Ben and I are just as anxious as the rest of the brood...but not necessarily for what is under the tree...but to see what is going to be planted in our hearts, ready to open when the time comes!

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