Thursday, December 16, 2010

Women Who Inspire Me Part 2

#2....Hilda....She is this wonderfully unassuming woman! The only reason you might normally notice her is that she wears something on her head all the time. She is very short with extremely long hair. Her true inspiration has come from how she has handled a difficult situation recently. It has made me see just how God has wired Hilda!

In early September, Hilda's son, age 30, disappeared. His car was found near a river. No witnesses...nothing. There has been no activity on his credit cards or money taken from his bank accounts. There have been no phone calls or contact with anyone.

Hilda calls his cell phone daily hoping that at some point, he will answer or at least return a call. The cell phone is about to be turned off by the cell phone company for non-payment and then her last way of potential contact is gone.

Hilda has never once, not had a smile on her face. She is hoping in a positive outcome, but realizes that that might not be the case. She keeps picking up neighborhood kids and bringing them to AWANA and continues to teach guitar for our homeschool co-op, missing only one week during this situation.

Hilda laughs and has a way of making the rest of us feel better as we are trying to comfort her. How does that work? She is amazing and wonderful. I could only hope to respond to such a difficult time in the same way she has. I am proud to say I know her. She inspires me in my walk with God, my trust of HIS nature, and HIS promise that all will eventually work for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to HIS purpose.

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