Friday, December 3, 2010

Jill Brannon is a Genius!!!

There is my crazy crew...minus the two smart girls (Bailey and me)...those hay bales were high!
Just the way we walk around everyday! :)
23 years....still love each other madly!

The girls...Darby (12), Bailey (20), Kally (9)

The boys...Rainey (7), Rawley (4)
Jill did such a great job! (If only she would have shaved my three extra chins off and placed my curves in more appropriate places...*sigh*...I guess I'll have to do that work myself!) RUN...don't walk to get Jill to take your pics! :)


Kristen and David said...

Those turned out so good!!! It doesn't hurt that your children are gorgeous either!

Amanda S. said...

What a gorgeous family you are!!!