Saturday, December 18, 2010

Women Who Inspire Me Part 4 mom. My mom is a wonder! As long as I can remember, she went to bed extremely late and got up at 3:30am. She would exercise, do laundry, make breakfast and begin dinner, and most importantly, she would have her quiet time with Jesus. By the time she left for work, she had already put in a full day!

My mom has MANY great qualities, gifts, abilities, and talents...but what has made the biggest impression on me lately is how she is caring for Daddy.

Daddy has Alzheimer's and a host of medical issues that require doctor's visits and medications. My mom loves Daddy with all her heart and takes care of every need he has. He still lives at home and goes with my mom everywhere. Daddy is a bit lost without mom, so she rarely does anything without him, as it begins to cause him distress.

Whenever anyone asks my mom how she is, she says, "I'm blessed." That is not just a pithy saying for her....she truly is blessed...she knows she is blessed....and she believes it with all her heart.

My mom inspires me to be a better wife and mother. She inspires me to have an even better relationship with Jesus. Thanks mom!!!

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