Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Women Who Inspire Me Part 1

I know six women who have inspired me greatly this year. They, on the outside, are ordinary might not even notice them in the grocery story. They aren't flashy or loud. They aren't the center of attention. But they are my heroes for this year.

#1...Helena...she is the mother of five kids...has been homeschooling them while being a wife to a firefighter. She found out that her husband had done some things that got him arrested...and while she thought the whole issue had been dropped by the DA, all of a sudden he told her that he had been going to court and taking care of it and that he made a plea bargain and he was being imprisoned for 15 years! The next day, he was taken to prison!

She never didn't have a smile on her face. She immediately enrolled her children in school, which killed her, and moved in with her parents, and filled out every paper she could to get on assistance. She walks with her head high! She brings her children to church still and sits on the front row. She has turned down some of the assistance because she feels as though they have been given so much and surely there must be another family who needs it more.

She relies on God and through friends, the church, and the school system, God has provided for her immeasurably more than she could ever hope or imagine.

Over the next five days, I will introduce you to the other five women. I hope you love them as much as I do.

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