Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Boys

I love my boys. They are fun, energetic, sweet to their mama, and ALL boy. But boys grow into men who have heavy burdens on them. They have to be the spiritual leaders of their homes. They have to be able to work hard to provide for a family. They have to be gentle and kind, yet firm and strong.

I carry a burden for raising boys who turn out to be men of integrity, honor, poise, and grace. Lately my boys are going through phases of difficulty and challenging authority. Now, I know that this is normal, but when it's boys going through this, I feel an extra layer of responsibility for handling it well. You might call me sexist, but it's the way it is. (and as I always say: saying one thing about one doesn't mean the opposite about the other)

I want my two boys to grow up to be men of God....able to follow an unseen authority, therefore able to follow seen authorities. I want my two boys to grow up to be men of poise....able to handle disappointments with grace and humility. I want a lot for my boys!