Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Tale of Two Trees

I have noticed two distinct camps in Christmas tree decorating, this year more than any other. It seems like either people decorate with a "fashion" tree or a "kid" tree. I have a combination of both, but it probably leans way more to the "kid" side.

I have this ornament that was given to me on my first Christmas, 45 years ago. I never let anyone else hang it up and I hang it very close to the top of the tree so that it is protected. I really love this one!

I have the macaroni-spray-painted-gold wreat made by one of my kiddos. I always hang it on my tree! I love it too!
Then there are the picture ornaments made mostly in Sunday School. Darby is the only one who doesn't have one....where were her SS teachers?

Then we have beautiful Lenox ornaments given by my sister-in-law for many years. Most of the kids have them and they are all done by year. They are stunning! When my kids leave the house, all the Lenox will be gone and take any hint of a "fashion" tree with them!! :) That will be sad.

Our tree is not gorgouse, but it is FULL! Each branch has one ornament and some have two or three! We have boxes and boxes of ornaments and we use them all! I love looking at the homemade ones and the picture perfect ones alike.

Fashion trees are beautiful, but I have decided that they are a bit too sterile for my tastes. I'll take the kid ones any day.


The Cornelisons said...

I like a mixture as well. Our tree is pretty empty right now but those hand made ornaments are slowly starting to grow :) We got married on January 4th so we got several really nice "designer" ornmanents that we will cherish as well.

Melissa Williams said...

We have a mixture too...and I love it- our tree in the living room is homemade ornaments (even some with doggie footprints) and travel ornaments. I just love Christmas trees of any shape and size...your's is so pretty!