Thursday, January 6, 2011

Faith of a Child

Two boys were in the living room while I was in another room the other day. I begin to overhear a conversation and it went something like this:

Rawley (age 4): Rainey, why did God make the world?
Rainey (age 7): So that he would be friends with all the people. But he doesn't make you be friends with him, but he would love it very much if you did. We need to be friends with God so that we go to Heaven one day. Well, we don't need God, we could become like God IF we did everything perfect all the time and never messed up. But we can't do that. We keep getting tempted to do the wrong thing and we all end up doing the wrong thing. So we need God.

Isn't this the stuff that theologians debate ad nauseum? Isn't this the stuff in which folks get the most detailed degrees in seminary? Isn't this the stuff that fill books ad infinitum? Seems to me like a 7 year old cut through it pretty quickly!

It made me smile because when you teach something to others you really come to master the material even more....Rainey was teaching Rawley. It made me smile because it means that Rainey has heard that information more than once and I can tell you he's never heard it just like he was able to compile the info and come up with his own version. It made me smile because it means the God has got HIS hands on Rainey!

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Kristen and David said...

That's awesome! I know that little conversation blessed your heart a thousand fold and left you with a huge glowing smile!