Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's Working!

I have tried to adopt this new attitude about events happening around me....kind of a "whatever it is, it's ok" kind of attitude. It's all part of the living-with-my-hands-open philosophy/theology. Most things in my life are not life or death and I am trying to put them in the correct category and react accordingly.

I often wonder if I am failing miserably at this! It's my natural instinct to raise the importance of things to an insane level for my reaction.

BUT!...just yesterday, as I was telling someone about a decision that had been made by someone else (that effects something I'm involved in), my friend said, "Lisa, isn't this bothering you at all?" I had to giggle inside knowing that, while the decision did bother me, I wasn't showing it on the outside! Success! ;)

God IS working within me....and I couldn't be happier!!


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Makettles said...

We are all just a work in progress. Always room for improvement.
Loved reading your blog. :)

Colleen said...

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Cris said...

que bom que Jesus está trabalhando em você.
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