Saturday, January 1, 2011

Living With My Hands Open

I'm not big on resolutions. When I need to start something, I just usually do it whenever I need to....I try to do the same with stopping something (but doesn't always work as easily, does it?). This year is no different really....except that I want to consciously continue something that God has started within me just recently....

Living with my hands open.

I want to praise God just as much when He chooses to take something away as I do when He adds something.

I want to not have knots in my stomach when something I think of as bad happens.

I want to not get upset when someone else makes what I would think of a bad decision.

I want to not be so emotional about things. with my hands open...that's my goal.....IF I did goals, that is! :)


Melissa Williams said...

I am with you on everything you posted! Let's really try to do this in 2011!!! I believe in you girlfriend!

Joanne Bridge-Linker said...

I just wrote my blog about trying to figure out what my "theme" for the year should be. Living with my hands open sounds like an awesome idea! I wish you the best and will be looking for updates!