Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Zoo?!

We don't have animals. Not that we haven't tried having animals. We have had gerbils, fish, birds, and dogs. And while the idea of them is quite appealing, the reality of them makes me want to go over the edge.

I grew up with dogs. But once we got a dog, I realized that my mother had done all of the training and that I was horrible at it...but wanted it done...NOW!

Cats and clowns share the same space in my heart....spooky! They completely creep me out. They are mini-lions and always eye my toes as though they are sick gazelles ready to be taken out!

Gerbils, hamsters, and rodents have those darned sharp teeth that they enjoy stabbing right into my fingers. They also are nocturnal...those crazy wheels make a lot of noise at night!
Rabbits are fine, but what do you do with them? They are extremely sensitive to the weather...which in our area is bad! It gets amazingly hot around here.'s interesting that I am looking out my back doors into our backyard, and I see a cat just waking up on a chair on my porch. I just saw a dog run through my yard (don't we have a fence?). We have a rabbit living under our porch. And two days ago, we discovered that a mouse has been living in our garage!
Really?! Didn't I say that the reality of animals makes me want to go over the edge?


The Cornelisons said...

I agree with you 100% on the animals. We have none and probably won't for many, many years. But somehow we do have 2 chipmunks who live in our front yard, lots of turtles since we live right on a lake and other slithery creatures I wish would go elsewhere.

chelsea said...

Nice post! Keep on posting.

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