Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Atta Boy!

You know how you do things that you really want to do--you don't need kudos--you are just serving and happy to do it? Well, every once in a while, God gives you kudos anyway! Every once in a while, He builds you up, lets you know you are making a difference, you are touching lives. He doesn't do this to puff you up, give you a big head. He does it to help you keep going. He knows we are human and need an occasional "atta boy". It helps inspire you, it helps spark more energy to get at it again.

Well, I must say Ben got that tonight and I couldn't have been happier to witness it! Ben had a meeting with the three other couples who were instrumental in starting this new Sunday school class. The other men were God's conduit to give Ben his "atta boy". They related how much they loved his teaching. They stated that during this current study, they didn't even want Ben to carve out time for small group discussion, they only wanted him to take the time to teach!

How Ben loved to hear it, but I must say, that it made me even happier I think! What an infusion of energy Ben received to keep going, don't give up, give his all because he is making a difference! I love you Ben!

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Ben DeBusk said...

Another post that I may or may not have written myself! I love you too Lisa!

Ben D.