Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Things Marketers Say

Ben began seeing things the way Ashley (see blog roll) does. He saw the following warning on two things around here. Enjoy.

The above sticker is on a scooter. It says, "This product moves when used." Really? A moving scooter? Who knew?
This box states "REAL sunlight. SUNLIGHT lamp. Natural SUNLIGHT." Then it says "simulated natural sunlight".

We both thought these were pretty funny. Thanks, Ashley, for helping us see the ridiculous in the everyday!


Nathan, Shelly & Kaleigh said...

Those are pretty funny. You have to wonder about the people who let those things get out there like that. The headlines were great! Again, wondering how those came about. Thanks for the laugh.

Ashley Sumners said...

I'm glad I've inspired you. There are some crazy things out there. :)