Friday, February 6, 2009


I was driving my almost 11 year old daughter to a sleepover just a few minutes ago. On the way, she and I were talking about a friend of hers. The friend is lovely and an answer to prayer in so many ways. But as with all people, there is a quirk or two. So here is the conversation we had:

D: I really like her and have a good time with her. But she can sure talk.
Me: Oh really?
D: You know how a conversation is supposed to be like a tennis match, where one person says something and then the other person says something?
Me: Yes.
D: Well, she just keeps the ball!


Baby Sara's Mom said...

this is soooo funny! LOL!!!

Kristen & David said...

Very cute! Sounds like she has communication all figured out. Might be a career in that for her someday...