Friday, February 20, 2009

I Hear the Darndest Things!

I know that I post a lot of conversations...but I hear a lot of funny things around here. Today I was driving Darby and two of her friends (all 10-12 year olds) to shop and take them out to eat as part of Darby's birthday weekend. As usual when I drive, I keep pretty quiet and just listen...and I get to hear some really interesting things. Here is what I heard today:

#1: How old do you wish you were?
#2: I wish I were married.
#3: You wish you were married?
#2: Yea! Jesus is coming back soon and I want to get married, uh...have some fun with my husband, and then have children. I want to experience all of marriage before Jesus returns.

I can't really add anything more to that. Just picture me driving with my mouth wide open, not knowing what to say to that. I chose not to say anything. (Let me assure you that #2 was not my daughter!) You probably don't care, and I am just assuring myself...

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