Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Darby!

Darby and her "haul"! We had lunch as a family with some of her favorite foods and then she opened her presents. I think she liked them. :)
Opa and Oma showed up just as Darby was getting ready to open her gifts. The kids love it when they come over.

Darby and her two friends at Macaroni Grill the other day as part of Darby's birthday weekend.
Amazing to think that 11 years ago today, I was in the hospital having her. I remember being so thrilled to be able to say "the girls" after having just Bailey for so long! I felt very blessed and must say, that I feel even more blessed by Darby today! She is growing into a wonderful young lady. Happy Birthday Darby.

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amy said...

What an exciting Birthday celebration! I am curious as to the Cooking Mama Wii game. I will have to research that and see what it is. Looks like she is going to get to re-vamp her bedroom too! How fun! Happy Birthday Darby!