Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fun Valentine Craft...and Cute Too!

My sis-in law showed me how to make these really great "sour cream" containers. They are like the sour cream containers you get in a fast food restaurant, except these are filled with candy or whatever you want to put in them. I am making them for teacher gifts for Valentine's Day for AWANA, homeschool co-op, and Sunday School.

To start, you need a sheet of scrapbooking paper. You can use any kind of paper really, but I like the thickness of scrapbook paper. I use the 12x12 size.
Then you measure out six of them on the back. I divide the paper in half and then in thirds on each half. Then cut out the rectangles.

You will need double-sided tape that has the paper on one side. Stick a strip of tape to one end of the paper as shown. On the back side, you will need to put one strip of tape on each side. I couldn't get a picture because the tape is white and so is the back of the paper.

Then roll the paper into a tube. You will then have two strips of tape on the inside of the tube.

Take the paper off of one of the inside pieces of tape and seal together.

You will do the same to the other side, except that you seal it going the opposite way. Before you seal it up, you will fill it up with some candy. You can put in Hershey Kisses. It fits about three or four. I have also put in the small Reese Peanut Butter Cups...again about three. I thought this time, I might put in M&Ms. It would take more of them, but fun to open. Just think of what the sour cream containers look like.

Here is what the almost final product looks like. You can leave them like this and they are cute as can be, but I am going to borrow my sis-in-law's crimper and crimp the ends. (At least I hope she will let me borrow it again!) If you are a big scrapbooker, you probably have one already.

They are fun to make and awfully cute to give! Enjoy!


Melissa Williams said...

Those are really cute and easy. I may try it this Valentine's! Thanks for the idea!

Kristen & David said...

What a great idea! And I appreciate the step by step illustrations. You could use those at bday parties or any holiday! I will definitely use this for something. Thanks for sharing.

Jill said...

OOOOhhh!!!! so cute!